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Nerdy Faggot

I'm a pathetic and inferior trans guy who love serve to real mens. I know where is my place, i'm just a cocksucker and little fag.
Rape me and degrade me
please, i wanna be your bitch

Anonymous asked:
Quiero cogerte papito chulo....que diga niña puta.
Niña pendeja llena de mi semen y mi pollo grande. Quiero tenerte amarrada y con la boca tapada para que no te puedan escuchar gritar del dolor. Quiero que sepas que niña tan triste y cochina eres
Hazlo, soy tu perra...
Quiero que me violes y llenes mi vagina de nena con tu semen... Hazme tu puta.
Broken cunts..

I like girls/cunts who are broken and fucked up to their absolute core

The ones who are so desperate for attention, I don't even have to tell them to do disgusting things, they instinctively do it to entertain

The ones who hate themselves so much they beg me to take the tiny pieces they've been broken into and grind them down even further

The ones who can't get wet without feeling subhuman

The ones whose pussies drip when I weaponize their insecurities and history of abuse to manipulate them

Those are the girls/cunts worth paying attention to

Reblog if you agree or are a broken girl/cunt.

You know what you are. And the shame of the truth of this makes your cunt drip.